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Crimea Policy Dialogue Project

The Crimea Policy Dialogue project was implemented by PATRIR with financial support from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland.

The overall purpose of the project wasthe establishment of a sustainable mechanism for the prevention of violent escalations of unresolved conflict situations in and related to Crimea.  The desired outcome of the project wasthe implementation of new policies by relevant institutions in Crimea and dealing with Crimea.  These policies were based on inclusive multi-stakeholder dialogue and informed by evidence-based research.

A long-term dialogue and research platform has been created within the framework of the project, where inputs are made not only by political and national groups of Crimea but also by influential experts from Kyiv, European Union, Russia and Turkey.

The project concept included the opportunity for regular exchange of expert opinions and joint strategic analysis and prognosis of conflict-related factors at the Ukrainian and macro-regional levels. Empirical research was a part of the Crimea Policy Dialogue project along with the expert dialogues, with research topics selected by the dialogue participants based on dialogue outcomes. The third component comprised advocacy activities to promote participants’ consensus policy recommendations to policy makers in Crimea, Kyiv and regional capitals.

The Project supported thematic dialogue processes on language policy, land policy and identity policy and provided an opportunity to study the experience of policy work with conflict situations in other parts of Europe.

Про Проект Кримський політичний діалог