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methodology ipdtc 1Between 2005 – 2007 IPDTC conducted a comprehensive evaluation of peace training for adult professionals as the lead agency of a 13 partner (11 countries) consortium of training institutions. This fed into the development of IPDTC’s customised model of training programmes addressing the full spectrum of: (i) skills, tools and methods (ii) knowledge, values and understanding and (iii) engagement strategies, institutional capacities and systemic solutions.

The programmes also implement IPDTC-DPO’s pioneering Designing Peacebuilding Programmes methodology, developed over ten years of field experience, drawing upon lessons learned and best practices in designing for results, quality, effectiveness and sustainable impact. The basic steps of these methodologies are outlined below. Each step would provide customized tools to UNMIS staff for implementing this in their work:

methodology ipdtc2Participants are also supported with pre-training preparatory materials to assist participants to prepare for the programme, handouts selected based upon the pre-learning assessment and module design to support participants in their learning needs, Quick Reference Guide – a tool which helps participants to link the content covered with their work needs and Operational Field Guide – following the training, to assist participants in implementing the results of the training in their work.