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Discursul instigator la ură din mediul politic din România și Republica Moldova – Analiza

Autori:             Irina Corobcenco, Irina Drexler, Zsuzsanna Kacsó
Publicat de:    Promo-LEX, PATRIR
Locație:           Republica Moldova, România
An:                    2016
Proiect:            Mobilitate individuala pentru experții din România și Republica Moldova
Parteneri:        Promo-LEX, PATRIR
Finanțator:      Ministerul Afacerilor Externe (MAE) a României prin programul României de cooperare pentru 
                          dezvoltare (RoAid) și implementat cu sprijinul Programului Națiunilor Unite pentru Dezvoltare
                          (UNDP) – Centrul Regional pentru Europa și Asia Centrală.

Successes and Challenges in Development Education and Youth Work in Egypt. Cumulative Impact ad Needs Assessment Report

Publisher:       PATRIR
Location:        Romania
Year:                2016
Project:           Technical Assistance for Development and Civic Education in Egypt (4E)
Partners:         PATRIR
Funder:           Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, from its Official Development Assistance budget, in
                          partnership with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) – Regional Center for Europe
                          and CIS


Contributing to Peace Consolidation in Afghanistan. Needs Assessment Country Report

Authors:          Dr. Zsuzsanna Kacsó, Adelina Decean, Samiullah Sabawoon, Dr. Marshall Conley
Publisher:       PATRIR, CPAU and Conley International.
Location:        Romania, Afghanistan
Year:                2014
Project:           Achieving the MDGs through Peacebuilding: Capacity Building in transition to democracy,
                         community-based dialogue and peacekeeping operations for international, national and local
                         actors in Afghanistan (CPCA)
Partners:        PATRIR, CPAU
Funder:          Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, from the Official Development Assistance budget,  and 
                         UNDP Bratislava Regional Center

Searching for Peace in Iraq

Searching for Peace in Iraq. Strategic conflict & peace analysis, improving civil society peacebuilding strategies and impact

Authors:         Kai Frithjof Brand-Jacobsen, Sawsan Ismael Assaf, Ali Dhahir Ali
Publishers:    NOVA, PATRIR
Location:        Spain, Romania
Year:                2012
Project:           LaOnf initiative: strengthening the conflict prevention and resolution capacities of Iraqi non-violence civil society organizations to contribute to the peace-building process in their country 
Partners:        NOVA
Funder:          Council of the City of Barcelona – Programme Barcelona Solidarity
View English Version (PDF will be uploaded soon)

Infrastructure for Peace: A way forward to peaceful elections

Authors:         Kai Frithjof Brand-Jacobsen, Paul van Tongeren 
Publisher:      The Life & Peace Institute 
Year:                2012
Project:           New Routes 1/2012, Elections: Free, fair- and nonviolent?, Vol. 17, The Life and Peace Institute, 2012



Territorial autonomies: Case Studies of the ARC and Finland

Author:           Natalya Belitser
Publisher:      PATRIR
Location:        Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Year:                2012
Project:           Crimea Policy Dialogue Project
Funder:          Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland

Palestine & Israel: Improving Civil Society Peacebuilding Strategies, Design and Impact

Author:           Kai Frithjof Brand-Jacobsen
Publishers:    NOVA, PATRIR
Location:        Spain, Romania
Year:                2009
Project:           Palestine-Israel Peace Support Operations
Partners:        NOVA
Funder:          aecid (Agencia Española de Cooperación Internacional para el Desarrollo)

Publication Isreal Palestine


Peace Building: Twelve Dynamics

Author:           Kai Frithjof Brand-Jacobsen
Publishers:    European Commission, External Relations Directorate-General
Year:                2008
Project:           Andrea Ricci, From Early Warning to Early Action? The debate on the enhancement of the EU’s Crisis Response capability continues, Vol. 3, EC Publications Office, Brussels, 2008
Funder:          European Commission

ARCA Lessons Learned Report. Paths to Peace Education in Europe: Experiences, Lessons Learned and Opportunities

Author:           Kai Frithjof Brand-Jacobsen
Publisher:      PATRIR
Location:        Cluj Napoca, Romania
Year:                2007
Project:           Associations and Reseources for Conflict Management Skills (ARCA)
Funder:          European Commission