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The Learning Curve. A Guide to Evaluation for Youth Organisations


The guide has been developed in the context of the Youth Impact for Peace partnership. It is an online tool to support young peacebuilders to improve their Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning practices with the aim of making their peacebuilding work more sustainable. You can visit the Website here and download the PDF version of the guide here.


Peace Consolidation Strategy Building: From Analysis to Approach Selection. A Handbook.

Authors:          Dr. Zsuzsanna Kacsó
Publisher:       PATRIR
Location:        Romania
Year:                2014
Project:           Achieving the MDGs through Peacebuilding: Capacity Building in transition to democracy,
                         community-based dialogue and peacekeeping operations for international, national and local
                         actors in Afghanistan (CPCA)
Partners:        PATRIR
Funder:          Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, from the Official Development Assistance budget,  and 
                         UNDP Bratislava Regional Center

Download English Version


Nonviolent Conflict Transformation – Training Manual


The Manual provides different chapters with concepts and mirroring exercises that are crucial for understanding and applying conflict transformation. This toolkit is based upon the comprehension of Diana Francis’ conflict transformation theory and focuses upon transformation of social conflicts. The Manual purposely does not supply the reader with “fixed schedules”, so all the exercises function as suggestions that can be changed due to the chosen objective. The Manual is available in English, Italian, and Slovak.



Toolkit for Peacebuilding and Conflict Transformation in Nepal


The Toolkit for Peacebuilding and Conflict Transformation in Nepal contains basic concepts, tools, methods and approaches for peacebuilding, conflict transformation and post-war reconstruction, rehabilitation, reconciliation and healing. It is a useful foundation for the trainer, individual or organization working in peacebuilding and conflict transformation. You can download the PDF here.