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Participant Feedback

Over the years and through its programmes and training courses, IPDTC has received comprehensive feedback from participants, partners and colleagues. The following are excerpts from the reviews and feedback received; for more information, please see our IPDTC Participant Reviews brochure.

Panagiota Voidonikola
Participating at the IPDTC Autumn Peace Academy in Cluj in 2009 was a very inspiring experience, especially when you come from the field. Seeing things from the outside always help to identify gaps in our daily work and this training gave me tools to overcome them. It is incredible to see how other people from different backgrounds and professional experiences interact and react to similar conflict and violent situations. Very touching to see how many people are committed to the same cause, to build peace one way or the other to make this world a better place to live in.  It takes time to think out of the box. However, a week isolated in Cluj was a good opportunity to analyze what I was actually doing in the field and get ideas on how to adjust or improve the different projects that I work on. Learning is always an enriching experience. And when you are able to apply something in your daily work, as I did, despite the time constraints, agendas and difficult contexts, then it makes a difference.  Beside the theoretical part and practical exercises, I will never forget PATRIR’s staff commitment to peace nor the other participants engagement as well.

- Panagiota Voidonikola

Project Officer, IQOC, UNOPS, Jordan
Collection of feeback from participants to the Designing Peacebuilding Programmes training, Kathmandu, Nepal
The  DPP Training Program provided me with a very helpful overview over the state-of-art tools for conflict analysis and designing and evaluating peacebuilding programs and projects. It gave me also a chance to work with these tools, offering thereby an excellent possibility for reflection and improvement of my work. The discussions with other participants allowed for a deeper understanding of the country context (Nepal) as well as to get acquainted with the work of many organizations working in the same field.” … “Very insightful, down to earth, realistic, good mix of practice and theory, well designed.” … “It is a very good training which has the perfect blind with the theories and the practicality. Since all he group works was with our own context which has help us to give more knowledge on reality.” … “A rare and enriching opportunity” .. “A rare and enriching opportunity” … “It was very wonderful. Learned a lot of further consolidated knowledge & will help in designing effective program” … “Lets do things together not in isolations, minimize overlaps, build synergy, leverage resources.

- Collection of feeback from participants to the Designing Peacebuilding Programmes training, Kathmandu, Nepal

Organisational affiliations: Red Cross Society-Bangladesh, Embassy of Switzerland-Nepal, NRC-Pakistan, SFCG-Nepal, CARE-Nepal, MAHUREE-Nepal, International Alert-Nepal, etc.