Podcast: What media outlets get wrong on Israel and Palestine

13 October 2023// Al Jazeera English

On this special episode of The Take podcast, @MalikaBilal is joined by journalists and analysts for a roundtable discussion, capping off our first week of coverage on the escalation of violence in Israel and Palestine.

As the war on Gaza rages, we’re looking at how the media covers it, in conversation with three people in the US, UK and Canada, all with media experience in those countries.

We discuss the struggles they’ve faced when it comes to accurate information and narratives on Palestine and Israel, and what has and has not changed in this latest escalation of violence.
In this episode:

  • @omar.baddar, Political analyst
  • Ash Sarkar, Contributing Editor, Novara Media
  • Pacinthe Mattar, Asper Fellow in Media at Western University, former CBC journalist

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