Workshop on Integrating Conflict-Sensitive Approaches in Communications and Interventions in Ukraine

Join us for an insightful online workshop on Integrating Conflict-Sensitive Approaches in Communications and Interventions in Ukraine!

Background: Amidst the conflict in Ukraine, there’s a growing recognition among global partners about the importance of conflict-sensitive programming. Efforts toward social cohesion, resilience, and recovery require a nuanced understanding of conflict dynamics and trauma-informed communication to avoid generating risks to the communities we serve and actually design impactful interventions.

Objective: This workshop aims to assist the international community operating in Ukraine in effectively tailoring and communicating about their projects while adopting a conflict-sensitive lens. Participants will gain valuable insights from Ukrainian experts in peacebuilding and communication.


  • Grasp the critical importance of conflict-sensitive approaches in peacebuilding  
  • Understand key internal conflict lines within the context of the war in Ukraine    
  • Acquire strategies and tools for implementing conflict-sensitive programming and communications    
  • Gain practical experience in applying conflict-sensitive communications both in Ukraine and internationally

Target Audience: Peacebuilding practitioners, civil society activists, international allies, NGOs focused on peacebuilding, social cohesion, recovery, and resilience initiatives, as well as professionals responsible for communications and public relations in Ukraine-focused programs.

Follow-up: After the workshop, participants will have the opportunity to join a dedicated online community for further discussions, resource sharing, and collaboration on conflict-sensitivity and trauma-informed communications.

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