Description of project

Peace Support Ukraine (PSU) is a program that has been designed to address critical peacebuilding and nonviolence needs in Ukraine in the midst of war. The project builds upon more than 20 years peacebuilding and nonviolence experience of core partners in Ukraine and of PATRIR globally, and has been developed through a collaborative design process including on-going needs assessments and consultations in Ukraine as well as meetings with partners and stakeholders in Ukraine and internationally. PSU addresses 7 pillars

  1. Participation – Participatory Peacebuilding Planning and Needs Assessment at the beginning of the Project, throughout, and capstone at the end
  2. Collaboration – Strengthening Collaboration and Dialogue Amongst Peacebuilding Organisations inside Ukraine and internationally working on Ukraine  
  3. Capacity: Peacebuilding – Strengthening critical Peacebuilding Capacities of targeted youth and civil society organisations in Ukraine
  4. Capacity: Trauma – Strengthening trauma first aid and trauma handling capacities of youth, schools, civil society partners and government in Ukraine
  5. Sensitization – Tailored sensitization, outreach and awareness raising campaigns in Ukraine to reach the broader population on key peacebuilding and nonviolence narratives and messaging
  6. Campaigning – Direct implementation of peacebuilding and nonviolence campaigns and initiatives by youth and civil society partners in Ukraine.
  7. Policy – Direct policy advocaczy on peacebuilding, trauma care and nonviolence with authorities in Ukraine and Europe and internationally, ensuring Ukrainian youth and civil society input on policies regarding them in Ukraine     



  1. Analyze and give international visibility to social cohesion and nonviolence actions in Ukraine that are taking place during the war, as well as major peacebuilding needs.

  2. Strengthen the capacities of Ukrainian youth, civil society and educational institutions to organize peacebuilding and first aid activities in trauma management.

  3. Support Ukrainian youth and civil society organizations in the implementation of campaigns that expose the Ukrainian population and government to narratives of peace, nonviolence and resilience to trauma.