Ukrainian Youth Forum For Joint Action

Ukrainian Youth Forum For Joint Action was organised on November 23th 2023 in Kyiv as a platform of bringing together youth in movements, associations, councils, and organisations across Ukraine and those working to support youth in Ukraine in the midst of war, to hear the voices and vision of youth first-hand on how to support resilience, address the needs of youth, and the role of youth in recovery during and after the invasion and war in Ukraine.

The Ukrainian Youth Forum For Joint Action united key youth organizations and activists; national non-governmental organizations (NGOs), experts and public authorities, donors, embassies, the United Nations, International Non-Governmental Organizations (INGOs) and stakeholders involved in youth programming, youth action, and youth-serving activities in Ukraine during the war to come together for a 1-day collaborative conference to map and identify current and future youth needs and priorities in recovery and rebuilding in Ukraine.

Speakers were invited from across Ukraine’s incredible youth initiatives, movements, organisations, and networks. The Forum provided a practical space, together with national and international partners and allies, and state institutions, to listen and learn from youth, and map together key programs, priorities, and how to support youth as key actors in shaping resilience, recovery, and building the future of Ukraine.

The Ukrainian Youth Forum For Joint Action was also space for Ukrainian youth to share their success stories in a way that frames the visions that young people hold for the future of Ukraine through the presentation of the innovative approaches, solutions and programs they have found and continue to develop.

The conference will result in a comprehensive report outlining the key challenges identified, best practices shared, and recommendations for moving forward unitedly; and will feed into the research endeavor on the experiences of Ukrainian youth during war and programming priorities and opportunities.