The Kyiv Social Recovery Conference – brought together all key sectors across government, national and international organisations, the United Nations and more to address critical needs and priorities for effective social recovery in Ukraine.

Addressing the social challenges caused by war requires the joint efforts of all key stakeholders, including government, local authorities, civil society organisations, and the international community. In the Kyiv Social Conference, leading experts, agencies and practitioners have met to assess needs for social recovery in Ukraine and jointly identify priorities and lessons learned, and chart the way forward together. 

The Kyiv Social Recovery Conference provided a platform for open and constructive dialogue bringing together key agencies, organisations, government institutions and donors to address:

  • an integrated approach to recovery: integrating physical and social recovery 
  • identifying lessons and priorities from agencies and organisations in the field 
  • planning forward for early recovery needs nationally and in most affected areas 

The Kyiv Social Recovery Conference addressed key areas including: strengthening and supporting local and national capacities for social recovery; enhancing coordination and effective cooperation; mapping social recovery needs in – Social and Public Services; Community Security; Youth Wellbeing; MHPSS; Community-Based Initiatives.