Search: Leading Jewish & Muslim Organisations in Europe

Dear Colleagues,
We are implementing a search for leading Jewish and Muslim organisations in Europe working to tackle and address anti-semitism and anti-muslim attitudes, behaviour and sentiments. Ideally, we would like to find organisations active in the celebration and promotion of jewish and muslim identity and culture in Europe.

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International Peace & Development Training Centre: 2019 Training Calendar

We are excited to present to you our updated IPDTC 2019 Training Calendar! We carefully researched, prepared and planned our trainings with a focus on subjects of highest interest in the field.

If you wish to register for one of the programmes or have a question, please feel free to contact us at [email protected].

International & Interdisciplinary Symposium Never Again, held on 27 – 29 May 2019, in Turku, Finland

The symposium will look forward to addressing the topics of Teaching Transmission of Trauma and Remembrance Through Experimental Learning from various disciplinary backgrounds and especially by employing and introducing various pedagogical approaches. Scholars, artists, community workers, educators, and activists are invited to send their proposals for this symposium before January 15 2019.

More details on the call for proposals can be found here, for the symposium itself visit the Never Again website or the Facebook page

Redirecționați 2% din impozitul V-ați dorit vreodată să ne ajutați sau să sprijiniți pacea mondială, dar n-ați știut cum? Cea mai simplă metodă este să redirecționați 2% din impozitul pe venit către Institutul Român pentru Pace PATRIR. Am completat deja formularul 230 cu detaliile organizației noastre, iar tot ce vă rămâne dvs. este să scrieți câteva date personale și să îl semnați.

Municipal peacebuilding and sub-national peace processes

Municipalities and local authorities are essential to the successful implementation of peace initiatives, yet not enough international support is focusing on providing assistance to actors at the very centre of these efforts. Our programme addresses this gap, drawing on experiences from all over the world.

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Syria country programme

PATRIR has been working inside Syria since 2016 with a consortium of international and local partners, in order to provide professional capacity building training for civilians remaining behind, including many IDPs. We conducted in-depth needs assessments in order to ascertain the skills most relevant for the current context, as well as those which they could carry forward in the event of a post-war transition phase.

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Addressing radicalisation, violent extremism and polarisation

Since our foundation in 2001, we have become one of the world’s leading centres for peacebuilding and prevention, supporting peace operations in communities and countries affected by conflict, training and capacity building for practitioners and experts in the field, and evidence-based research and evaluation to improve policy and practice. Since 2002 the Institute has had an active programme line on radicalisation, violent extremism and terrorism implemented in Europe and internationally.

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The Department of Peace Operations works upon request from conflict parties and local, national and international organisations and agencies to support violence prevention, peacebuilding, mediation, and post-war recovery. DPO experts include practitioners, analysts, diplomats, and others.


The International Peace & Development Training Center is one of the world’s leading providers of training, capacity building and professional development support for practitioners, governments, UN and local, national and international organisations working in peacebuilding, prevention, and post-war peace consolidation.


The National Peace Department works for a world in which young people share their belief that their attitudes and behaviors are decisive in resolving conflicts and waging peace, a world in which they can and do act upon that belief with the beauty, creativity and enthusiasm specific to their age.


“As a professional development practitioner I had taken many courses on Monitoring and Evaluation of Development Programmes/Projects. The training on Developing Strategic Tools for Measuring Impact and Effectiveness of Peacebuilding Projects and Interventions has broadened my knowledge and understanding of the tools and skills for systematic and structured ways for measuring Impact and Effectives of Pecebuilding Projects and Interventions. The training is very important and timely given to equip Civil Affairs Field Staff on Monitoring and Evaluation concepts, tools and processes.”

Solomon Woldemichael
Civil Affairs Officer, Unites Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL)

“…PATRIR is […] an example of going global from the local level. Based in the university town of Cluj in Transilvania, a multicultural setting in central Romania, in the past 10 years PATRIR has crossed boundaries and borders both geographically and mentally. The results and outcomes of its endeavors have been visible throughout the globe from Sudan, to Cyprus, to Kosovo and Northern Ireland to name a few.”

Dr. Oana Cristina Popa
Former ambassador of Romania to Croatia

“I will not hesitate to unreservedly recommend this program [Systemic Peacebuilding, Conflict Transformation & Post-War Recovery, and Reconciliation (PCTR)] for all actors in the pecebuilding field. I dare say that without it you stand the risk of missing the mark, with it your chance of success in your endeavours are quite significantly enhanced!”

Paul Ebikwo
Civil Affairs Officer, UNAMID, Sudan


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