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Hiring: Program Manger – Peacebuilding and Nonviolence: Ukraine Department of Peace Operations (DPO) PATRIR

We are looking for a highly capable and motivated candidate both passionate for and experienced in peacebuilding and peace support to join the Department of Peace Operations of PATRIR. We particularly encourage Ukrainian candidates and/or candidates with significant peacebuilding experience to apply You will be responsible for managing and developing our peace support programs in Ukraine, working to strengthen and support local and nationally-owned and driven programs, as well as working with European and international partners – including NGOs, Governments, and inter-governmental organizations to strengthen support to peacebuilding, nonviolence, and trauma recovery in Ukraine.  

For more details: Program Manager JD

Hiring: Project Manger – Migration and Refugee Integration and Support

PATRIR is looking for a dynamic, highlight motivated Project Manager to play a senior role in our MRIS Program.  PATRIR has developed a suite of local, European and international projects in the field of migration and refugee integration and support since 2015. We work with a network of organizations, universities, partners and local and national government authorities across Romania, the European Union and internationally. The remit of our program line extends to migrant and refugee populations in Romania / Europe from around the world. Now during the war in Ukraine, programming and response for the Ukrainian population in Romania will also will also take on a special dimension in our program.

We are looking for someone who will make a great addition to the PATRIR Team. A Project Manager for this role needs to be someone who is reliable, able to work well in teams as well as individually, and with strong skills in Project Management, working with consortia and partners, and preferably strong experience and background in migration and refugee integration or related fields.

For more details : Project Manager JD

Hiring: Office Manager – Head of Office

PATRIR is looking for a highly motivated and organized Administrative Assistant & Assistant to the President. The position is similar to ‘Office Manager’ and is the principal Administrative management position in PATRIR.  You will be a Core Team Member of PATRIR – one of the most dynamic Institutes in the country contributing to addressing social needs and improving governance and democracy in Romania, working on issues including gender equality and stopping gender-based violence, youth empowerment and engagement, and a wide-range of programmes across the European Union and internationally. For this reason: we are looking for a person who has strong experience or strong motivation to work in an administrative position while being part of and supporting a great team. Ideally, we would like to have someone who wants to be part of a team,, and looking to make a commitment to taking up the role for 3 – 5 years, with possibility for extension beyond.

You will work in a dynamic and active workplace with a strong commitment to employee well-being and a respect-based office, and with significant opportunities for personal and professional development PATRIR is an Institute which places well-being of colleagues, and doing work that matters and has an impact – on our community and in the world – at our core.

For more details: Office Manager – JD

Hiring: Project Officer – Migration and Refugee Integration and Support

The Program Officer position is for someone with strong skills and experience managing projects specifically in the NGO/humanitarian field and/or working on migration and refugee programming, building strong relations with local, national and international partners, and motivated to work to achieve real change and impact at local, national and international levels – or someone wanting to advance their career to this level. You will be expected to represent our Program Line with partners and local and national authorities and international organisations and agencies, and to strengthen collaboration and partnerships. An important part of your work will be as part of our leadership team to engage to shape the strategic direction of the MRIS Program Line, and proactively lead development of projects and participation of the Institute in consortia and at international conferences and for a to develop major projects in this field. We are looking for someone (preferably) with strong experience working on migration, refugee support, social inclusion. Experience in relevant other fields can also be considered.

 For more details: Project Officer – Job Description

Hiring: Mental Health and Pyscho-Social Support (MHPSS) Officer

You are a dynamic Mental Health and Pyscho-Social Support (MHPSS) professional. Experience in humanitarian programming and working with people who may have experienced trauma from war, displacement and/or gender-based violence (GBV) is highly relevant.  You will be responsible for the development, coordination and mainstreaming of MHPSS programming with the Institute’s Ukraine Response. This will include building MHPSS competencies of staff within PATRIR (Romanian Peace Institute), All for Ukraine Emergency Response and local partners, and for ensuring the overall quality of PSS interventions across the program. You will report directly to the Humanitarian Coordinator and have technical line supervision from PATRIR. You will work closely with local partner organisations and be embedded in the All for Ukraine Emergency Response Team at PATRIR. Importantly: you will play a key role in building a comprehensive programme to support mental health, psycho-social support and trauma recovery and trauma informed care in Ukraine. This will include working with partners in Ukraine and internationally to ensure MHPSS is addressed as a core pillar of aid and response to Ukraine and post-war recovery. As such you will be PATRIR’s main representative in national and international fora addressing mental health, psycho-social support and trauma recovery in Ukraine.

For more details: MMPHS GBV – Job description

Hiring: Communications & Public Relations Officer  

PATRIR is looking for a highly motivated and incredible candidate to join our communications team as a Communications & Public Relations Officer. You should be someone passionate about communications and shaping messages to effectively reach and engage key audiences. The position requires someone with skill and experience in public communications, including in particular someone able to lead and shape online and social media campaigning and community engagement. Skills in video editing / film making would also be highly attractive. 

If you love communications and want an exciting and dynamic position with an incredible institution – where you can be involved in social impact campaigns and making a difference in Romania and beyond – we would love to hear from you! 

For more details:  Communications & Public Relations Officer – Job Description 

Hiring: Humanitarian Coordinator – Ukraine Response

You will be a core team member in PATRIR’s Humanitarian Response Team involved in the daily work of managing and coordinating humanitarian shipments and support to Ukraine. You will also represent PATRIR in humanitarian coordination meetings. Ideally you should be able to support further growing our humanitarian response to Ukraine and building strategic partnerships and collaboration with partners and institutions in Ukraine as well as internationally.  

Primary focus will be on supporting humanitarian transports to Ukraine, including food and medicines. This will include logistics and order management, supply chain management, coordination and communication with partners. We are looking for a highly capable and motivated candidate to join our core humanitarian response team on Ukraine. Ideally, we would like a candidate that wants to join PATRIR’s long-term work on Ukraine, combining emergency humanitarian response with with longer-term support for recovery and peacebuilding in Ukraine. We particularly encourage Ukrainian candidates to apply and candidates with significant humanitarian experience.  

For more details: Humanitarian Coordinator – Job Description

Currently we do not have any other open positions, if you are interested at working at PATRIR, please bookmark this page and try again later or follow us on Facebook to make sure you do not miss out when a new position opens.

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PATRIR’s interns are an invaluable source of help, and we could not do what we do without them. We are always looking for enthusiastic people to get meaningfully involved with any of our projects, and in return we are keen to offer you a great working/learning experience. We would like you to learn, develop and gain experience in areas that are of most interest to you.

Internships can be performed in one of the three departments of PATRIR:

  • The Department of Peace Operations (DPO)
  • The International Peace and Development Training Centre (IPDTC)
  • The Department for Education for Peace and Development (IPDTC)

Choosing what fits your skills and career path the most or you can choose a variety of activities that crosscut the three departments.

Each Intern will be assigned a supervisor, who will be responsible for the definition of the monthly activity plan and also a mentor, who will be a guide and tutor during your stay at PATRIR (he or she will be your point of reference for any issue, not only work related ones, that might arise in the months of your stay in Cluj-Napoca).

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We accept applications throughout the year, but only fully completed applications will be considered.

Shortlisted candidates will be invited for an interview – on site or Skype.

Please note that internships at PATRIR are unpaid and the minimum duration for an internship is 4 months.
Internships in PATRIR can be completed from September to June.

PATRIR also works with volunteers for specific local or national events. If you are interested follow the calls for volunteers on our website and on our Facebook page.

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We are constantly looking for volunteers to support our projects, departments and institute as a whole.

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