Vision & Mission


PATRIR is committed to a world in which conflicts are transformed constructively, through peaceful means in which individuals, communities, countries and local, national, regional and international organisations and actors are empowered to address conflicts effectively, and work together to do so.

PATRIR works for a world in which the human rights, freedoms and the dignity of all people are protected, celebrated, and realised, in which state and social, economic, legal and political systems respect both the individual and the community, in which men and women have equal opportunity and rights, and in which all generations, cultures and peoples are respected and valued as vital.

PATRIR is dedicated to a world in which effective infrastructure and capacities for democratic participation and civic engagement, peacebuilding, violence prevention, and reconciliation and healing after violence are strengthened at every level and in which ownership for peace, democracy and human rights lies with in each of our communities, while being a common global commitment.

PATRIR’s vision is of a world in which peace becomes the norm, democracy the foundation of healthy societies, respect for human dignity and celebration of multiculturalism and diversity the basis of our interactions, and all people and citizens are active in being the change we want to see in the world.

The vision which guides PATRIR’s is of a world which has transcended war and violence. A world in which resources are used and invested to deal with conflicts effectively and to meet people’s needs. A world in which innovation, creativity and well-being are nurtured, and where governments, organisations and communities work to ensure that peacebuilding and effective engagement with and transformation of conflicts are integrated into all spaces of social, economic, political, cultural and human interaction


To transform the way the world deals with conflicts, working from the local to the global levels in partnership with communities, countries, and national and international organisations to make peacebuilding and the constructive transformation of conflicts the basis for sustainable peace.

To use the full spectrum of PATRIR’s operational capabilities from research to training, direct engagement, peace operations, awareness raising, mobilization, and building of multistakeholder partnerships and alliances to prevent violence, build collaborative spaces and initiatives to address conflicts constructively, and strengthen the development of effective, sustainable and standing infrastructure and capabilities for peace within each community and country and at the regional and global levels.

To mobilize and engage citizens, governments, and national and international organisations to work actively individually and together to overcome all forms of direct, structural and cultural violence, and to join together to build direct, structural and cultural peace.

To be the change