Call out: Gender Equality & 16 Days Campaign Volunteer

Volunteering position, start date as soon as possible, remote & onsite in Cluj-Napoca

Deadline to apply29 August 2021, however please apply as soon as possible | Apply to [email protected] with CV and Motivation Letter.

Core areas: Organising &Campaign Management, Visual Arts &Design, Communication (Press & Social Media), Education & Training, Research & Writing: Telling Stories that Matter; Campaign Volunteers.

Are you passionate about stopping gender-based violence and working for safety and equal opportunities and rights for all?  Do you want to be involved in a real project that will make a difference in people’s lives and help promote equality and inclusion in Cluj and nationally across Romania, while working to overcome and stop all forms of gender-based violence, sexual assault, and harassment?  

If you are – if you want to be part of something that matters and to get engaged on issues that are important to you – we would love to hear from you! 

The Cluj Alliance of organisations and institutions involved in the global campaign against gender-based violence is recruiting individuals who want to be part of this amazing campaign. We’re looking for people who want to become involved and work with an amazing team and coalition of organisations.  

About the role: 

Type of work: Volunteering & Community Engagement  

Location: You can join this campaign either online or onsite at the Romanian Peace Institute (PATRIR)    

Duration: For a minimum of 4 – 6 months, with the possibility for extension.  

Starting date: as soon as possible  

Time commitment: 4-12 hours/week 

Application Deadline & Starting Date: 29 August, however, we encourage those interested, to apply as soon as possible. We are looking for volunteers to start as soon as you are able, however you will also be able to join later in August / early September if this fits your timeline better.  

About the project: 

The “16 Days of activism against gender-based violence” campaign is global campaign to end gender-based violence and encourage equality, safety and participation in all walks of life. In Cluj the campaign is organised by an alliance of organisations and initiatives, including civil society organisations, universities, artists, local government institutions and more.  

About you: We are looking for highly motivated individuals who believe in and are looking for the opportunity to work practically to address gender-based violence and promote equality in Cluj / Romania. This is open to citizens from Romania as well as citizens from all over the world – our team is fully international and welcomes people of every gender, age, and background.  

The position will provide you with exceptional opportunities to engage with passionate and inspiring people in Cluj, nationally and internationally, working to overcome and prevent gender-based violence and achieve real progress in improving safety, equality, and opportunities for all.  

We’re looking for applicants in the following areas, but if you have other skills and feel you can make a difference in this campaign, please let us know:  

  • Organising & Campaign Management – The campaign in Cluj includes hundreds of events and activities implemented by dozens of partners across the city – from cultural organisations to public institutions, local authorities, NGOs and more. We would love your help in joining the core organising team of the campaign – as coordinators or assistants – to help support the alliance and assist planning and preparation of the campaign now through December. 
  • Visual Arts & Design – A huge focus of our campaign will be on communicating and inspiring engagement and change. We need designers for posters, social media materials and for t-shirts, bags and more which we’ll design for the campaign. Proceeds from their sales will go to support survivors and those at risk of gender-based violence. 
  • Communications: Press & Social Media Communications Team – Our aim is to reach people, to engage, and to help inspire people to know we can all make a difference in standing up to gender-based violence. If you love writing or communicating through social media campaigns, video development and editing, or developing animations, we would love to have you join the Communications Team 
  • Education & Training – A lot of our focus will be on education and training programmes, and we’re looking for people who would like to join our education team as well as help to organise education and trainings – in Cluj and nationally across Romania.  
  • Research & Writing: Telling Stories that Matter – Another part of the campaign is about making visible stories of people doing amazing work for change – here in Cluj, Romania and around the world. We need colleagues who can do research and gather stories about people and organisations that have worked or are working to stop gender-based violence and improve equality. 
  • Campaign Volunteers – In addition to the areas above, we’re also looking for overall campaign volunteers – of any age, gender and background – who want to get involved and be the change you want to see in the world. This could also be about organising a specific event or part of the campaign you’re passionate about. 

We’re living in a moment when we need people to have the courage and vision to stand up together for what is right – and to help make a real difference where it’s needed most. By becoming involved in the 16 Days Campaign, you’ll be making a difference – in helping to stop gender-based violence, in providing support to survivors and those most affected, and in catalysing real change, in policies and practice, to improve safety, equality and wellbeing.  

Benefits & opportunities  

Becoming part of the 16 Days Campaign means becoming part of something that will change your life. You will have the opportunity to work with an amazing alliance of dedicated professionals, activists, and citizens from across Cluj and around the world getting involved to make a difference. You will join a team where you will be respected, and where your ideas and engagement will help make a real difference. As a member of the campaign, you will receive coaching, the ability to be involved in something you believe in and care about, and professional development support.  

Please note: this is a non-paid position – for every one of us involved. We are part of this campaign and this work together because we believe in its importance. We also value the commitment and everything you will bring to the campaign, and we will, do all we can to support your professional development in the field and opportunities to support you further. This can include either future employment at the Institute or strong recommendations and support for your future work. 

Contact us: 

Would it help to talk to someone? If you’re not sure about how you’d like to be involved, you can also contact us and someone from our team will be glad to have a conversation with you about the campaign and how you can become involved. You can contact us at [email protected] 

How to apply: If you’re interested, please send a letter of motivation stating the area/s you’d like to get involved and your CV to [email protected].