A new and exciting project: Ukraine House – Protection & Support Hub in Cluj-Napoca 

a PATRIR Initiative– in partnership with UNHCR 

It is with great enthusiasm that we announce this remarkable project: Ukraine House – Protection & Support Hub in Cluj-Napoca, implemented in collaboration with UNHCR and centered around the needs of the targeted audience.  

The Ukraine House delivers a comprehensive program geared towards the protection, information provision, well-being and inclusion of the Ukrainian refugee community in central to northern Romania through Protection Support Hubs, psycho-social support and trauma care, and provision of vetted information. 

The development of this project has been based upon continual consultation and engagement with the Ukrainian community in Cluj and ‘listening’ exercises in which Ukrainian community members (refugees) have self-identified and mapped their needs, issues confronting them, and priorities in the fields addressed by the program. The project further builds upon a comprehensive track record and engagement from PATRIR, UNHCR and the All for Ukraine Global Humanitarian Response and Refugee Support. 

We kindly invite you to follow the progress of the Ukraine House, join our activities and take part in this beautiful program.