Dearest Friends and Colleagues Around the World,

2022 is upon us. We begin it with energy, inspiration and dedication.

Our world today is facing many challenges – armed conflicts, demagoguery, challenges to good governance, the global environmental crisis, attacks on the rights of women, rising extremism, fake news and hate and much more. 

This is happening. We need to address it. It is not all that is happening. Around the world more and more citizens are getting involved in issues – from local to global. Many governments, companies, NGOs and others are rising to meet these challenges. Every day we become more aware – and more engaged.

PATRIR is committed to meeting the challenges we face bravely – with dedication, innovation and the creativity and inspiration that is at the heart of peacebuilding.

We believe that there is much in our world that is beautiful – and that we can do still more to create a world of dignity, rights, and well-being for all human beings. That challenge both excites and inspires us. We are on a threshold. ‘Towards what’ is up to and depends upon all of us.

This is the vision we will rise to in 2022. We look forward to doing it together with you.

To being – together – the change we want to see in the world.

From all of us at PATRIR, in peace, wishing you a brave, inspired and joyful 2022. 

As we go forward, as we make our choices every day, let them be guided by joy, by love – by choosing to be the best we can, and bringing that forward in our relationships with each other, and ourselves.