PODCAST: What’s Unsaid | Peace in Gaza

How do you find common ground when words like “ceasefire” or “peace” have become loaded terms?

9 November 2023// The New Humanitarian

Even peace activists are struggling to find a way forward in the midst of Israel’s continuing bombardment of Gaza and the worsening humanitarian catastrophe. On this episode of What’s Unsaid, Palestinian peace activist Nivine Sandouka explains why this is a critical moment for peace activists – and explores how to begin building trust.

“You have two people with two collective traumas. And both sides fear one another,” said Sandouka, who works with the Alliance for Middle East Peace, a collective of Israeli and Palestinian peacebuilding groups. “There is a huge amount of fear, and from fear comes this aggression.” 

What’s Unsaid is the new bi-weekly podcast exploring the open secrets and uncomfortable conversations that surround the world’s conflicts and disasters, hosted by The New Humanitarian’s Irwin Loy and Ali Latifi.

Guest: Nivine Sandouka, Palestinian peace activist with the Alliance for Middle East Peace.

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