War in Ukraine Memorial Meeting

Honoring unity and resilience today, Ukrainians in Cluj-Napoca came together today to mark 2 years since the beginning of the full-scale inversion in Ukraine.

Led by the heartfelt voices of Anna Shevchenko and Robert Konoplya, they stood in solidarity, remembering and honoring their homeland.

Nadiya Tryfonova, a volunteer from Mykolaiv, and Tetiana Bryzitska, a psychologist from Odesa, shared their unwavering support and dedication to helping their community cope with the lasting effects of war. Their compassion and commitment were deeply appreciated.

Anastasiia Konopatska’s rendition of “Red Viburnum” stirred their souls, reminding them of the resilience that runs deep within.

Together, they lit candles, unfurled Ukrainian flags, and shared moments of camaraderie with the community who joined them in support.