Some of what we’re doing around Education, Schools & Youth at PATRIR

The Romanian Peace Institute – PATRIR has been one of the leading centres for innovation in education and youth engagement in Cluj-Napoca and internationally for more than 20 years. PATRIR’s programming on schools, children and youth works around:

  • Teacher training & teacher support
  • Curricula Development and creation of ‘training tools’ including educational frameworks, training materials and handbooks, and formal and non-formal methods
  • School-based and non-formal youth education, training and participation programs
  • SMART Hubs and Multi-Stakeholder Roundtables to innovate policy and practice; and
  • Policy Advocacy locally, nationally and internationally to improve educational models, policies and practices
  • Research and knowledge development on innovations in education, inclusive education, ‘future education’ and tackling bullying, radicalisation, violent extremism and hate

Program Lines

PATRIR’s education and youth engagement program lines include:

  • Civic Participation and Democracy
  • Gender Equality
  • Inclusion
  • Youth Well-being
  • Youth, Peace & Security

A few highlights…

  • From 2001 until today PATRIR engages globally on Youth, Peace and Security, helping develop the UN Security Council Resolution 2250, the UN Inter-Agency Group on Youth, Peace and Security, and working with youth to engage youth in peacebuilding in countries affected by war around the world, from Iraq to Nepal, Guatemala, Uganda, Colombia, Sri Lanka and today in Ukraine
  • PATRIR works with teachers in schools in Cluj to deliver ‘global education’ programs and engages teachers and  youth in co-development of curricula and education tools while bringing teachers to Finland and Portugal for educational exchanges and teacher training, and Finnish and Portuguese teachers to Cluj (2022 – ongoing)
  • PATRIR works with the Institute for Peace and Common Ground in Ukraine to develop trauma-informed education materials and teacher training with schools across Ukraine (2022 – ongoing)
  • Supported by the European Commission, PATRIR carries out the largest every study and review of formal and non-formal education tackling hate, radicalization and violent extremism in Europe and globally and is working on development of an ‘educational framework’ and training materials for schools
  • PATRIR facilitates the Cluj Roundtables on Inclusive Education and Youth Well-being, bringing together more than 30 local organizations, public institutions, schools and youth put collaboration into practice, doing more together than can be done apart, and to improve joint analysis, information sharing and partnerships. In 2021 during COVID PATRIR organizes with partners the Cluj Education Forum. This does not take place in 2022 due to the war in Ukraine, but is planned again for the Autumn of 2023
  • With support from UNICEF PATRIR runs ‘after school’ schools for more than 200 Ukrainian children in Cluj
  • Through Do One Brave Thing and with support from the European Commission and partners in Poland, Hungary, Italy and Romania, PATRIR carries out research to understand how youth in these countries are exposed to radicalization, extremism and hate – in their families, communities, in school, in peer groups and on-line; trains youth in civic engagement and supports youth-led campaigns, and partners with ZettaCloud to develop an online plug-in and web-service to detect Fake News online and on social media feeds
  • PATRIR leads the Cluj-Based ‘Cluj Alliance’ bringing together more than 80 schools, NGOs, art and cultural institutions, businesses, City Hall and Cluj Police in the annual 16 Day Campaign Against Gender-Based Violence, with education programs reaching more than 8000 students and youth on gender equality, empowerment and inclusion
PATRIR Education Lead:Norina Herki[email protected]
Ukraine Youth Hub Lead:Kseniia Kseniia Shyriaieva[email protected]
PATRIR School Engagement:Anamaria Tunduc[email protected]
PATRIR Youth Engagement RepresentativeMihaela Furculita[email protected]
PATRIR President & Department of Peace OperationsKai Brand-Jacobsen[email protected]

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