HEAL (enHancing rEcovery and integrAtion through networking, empLoyment training and psychological support for women victims of trafficking) aims to facilitate the integration of third-country national women victims of trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation through promoting a comprehensive healing process based on competence-building, psychological support to women and enhanced cooperation between key actors.


  1. To encourage networking and collaboration between key actors working with women victims of trafficking, fostering a shared understanding of the identified needs and rights among women victims of trafficking, employers, and support service providers.
  2. To foster third-country national women victims of trafficking’s employment related skills and psychological recovery through an innovative Recovery and Integration Programme.
  3. To raise awareness among third-country national women victims of trafficking about the rights and services they are entitled to, and among the general public about the importance of integration to counteract
    human trafficking.

The project brings together 5 partners from 4 focal countries (Italy, Greece, Spain and Romania): CESIE (IT), The Peace Action, Training and Research Institute of Romania (PATRIR) (RO), LIBERA (IT), KMOP – Social Action and Innovation Centre (Greece) and SURT (Spain).

This project was funded by the European Unions A.sylum, Migration and Integration Fund – Grant Agreement no. 863631.