Switch OFF/ONline Hate Speech

The Switch OFF/ONline Hate Speech project proposed by PATRIR deals with the hate speech issue within the Romanian online space, its main objective being the promotion of democratic values and the right to free speech in online, by using a clean speech, that prevents and fights hate speech in the Romanian virtual space. As shown in the recent FDSC study, “although it’s a new research theme in the Romanian context, the hate speech phenomenon has deep historical roots”.

PATRIR aims at raising the awareness of 10 most followed Romanian bloggers and vloggers, as well as 10 journalists, who, as opinion shapers (the target group), have deepened their understanding of the consequences of hate speech. At the same time, they have been trained on building their capacity to deal with and transform hate speech in the Romanian online space, promoting respect and non-violence. Afterwards they have been actively involved so as to implement an online and offline campaign over a period of 6 months, joining the No Hate Speech Movement initiated by the Council of Europe, but at a national level. The beneficiaries have been both the “digital native” and the “colonists”, be them victims of hate speech, haters, activists and the general public.

The “Switch OFF/ONline Hate Speech” project is financed through the SEE grants 2009-2014 within the NGO Fund in Romania and is being implemented by PATRIR.

Mihai Pop
Project Manager “Switch OFF/ONline Hate Speech”

Dr. Irina Drexler
Assistant Project Manager “Switch OFF/ONline Hate Speech”

Marian Hurducaș
Campaign Coordinator “Switch OFF/ONline Hate Speech”

If you want to know more, please write an email to: [email protected].