Searching for peace in Iraq

Searching for Peace in Iraq is a major Iraqi and European research project which aimed to produce a practical tool for Iraqis and international organizations and agencies working in peacebuilding and conflict transformation in Iraq.

The project has been implemented throughout 2009 and 2010, and has developed three major research outputs which have been compiled together into a final report: Strategic Conflict Assessment, Cumulative Impact and Needs Assessment, Strategic Peacebuilding Proposals. The research team was composed of Iraqi researchers from South, Central and North Iraq and research teams in Romania and Spain under the auspices of the Department of Peace Operations (DPO) of PATRIR and in cooperation with NOVA-Center for Social Innovation in Spain. The Final Report has been published in English, Arabic and Kurdish.

Strategic objectives

  • To publish a document which delivers a holistic analysis of the conflict in Iraq
  • To deliver a comprehensive research on conflict analysis in Iraq and strategic agenda that will provide solid proposals for peace in Iraq
  • To improve the quality of the peacebuilding engagements of the local and international organizations and agencies working in Iraq

Research team

Kai Brand-Jacobsen
Research Director

Ali Daher Ali
Research Team Iraq North

Sawsan Ismael Mohammad
Research Team Iraq Centre

Nik Engel
Research Team Europe

Paula Tonea
Research Team Europe

Romeral Ortiz Quintilla
Research Team Europe

Administrative support team

Albert Caramés
Administrative Director

Ismael Dawood

Felipe Daza

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