We all need new engagement (WANNE) & Refugee response

In 2017 PATRIR began engagement in the field of refugee response, following several field missions by PATRIR staff to Lesbos and Chios in 2015, 2016 & 2017. PATRIR staff engaged in aiding boat landings, distributing food and clothing aid, as well as providing psychosocial support. Upon return, PATRIR staff are developing a line of capacity-building trainings for those working with refugees and migrants, with a focus on conflict and trauma sensitivity. The first of these trainings was held in Cluj-Napoca in November 2017, entitled Conflict Sensitivity and Trauma Response when working with Refugees and Migrants. Several of our participants have gone on to conduct their own fieldwork in the Greek camps following this training.

The training participants were able to...

  • Gain a better understanding of the refugee and migrant situation in Europe with statistics and figures.
  • Gain a better understanding of the refugee and migrant situation in Europe with statistics and figures.
  • Draw upon best practices and case studies from grassroots organisations as well as INGOs.
  • Investigate the different levels of trauma and cumulative impact on individuals from conflict-affected areas, with a specific focus on young single men travelling alone.
  • Develop theoretical understanding of levels of intervention for MHPSS (mental health and physchosocial support)
  • Develop theoretical understanding of conflict sensitivity specific to refugees and migrants.
  • Develop improved skills for Do No Harm,trust building, and empathy.
  • Develop a professional network with whom to work, support and better respond to the needs of new arrivals.
  • Address key issues specific to refugee and migrant trauma and integration into European society.


In 2018 PATRIR has begun a new EU-funded project on refugee and migrant integration, entitled WANNE- We All Need New Engagement. This project sees 14 partners from 7 EU countries (Austria, Malta, Slovenia, Italy, Croatia and Greece and Romania) join together in an effort to foster the engagement of third country nationals (TCNs) in civil society and in the communities of the receiving society with a special focus on volunteering in diaspora and civil society organisations in educational, cultural and social activities and in decision-making frameworks.


Partners will implement and share good practices, establish an online database of support services available to TCNs, conduct partnership fairs, awareness and advocacy trainings including follow-up activities, and strengthen diaspora and civil society organisations and their political demands. Tandem teams will implement 70 awareness raising workshops on human dignity and gender sensitivity. Through our activities within the framework of this project, and with the development of a line of trainings on refugee response and trauma, PATRIR is working towards changing the ‘narrative’ on migration, communicating good practices and promoting a positive image of refugees and migration. A strong focus of PATRIR’s work has always been on identifying lessons learned and best practices, so that we can improve the field and better serve. A main focus of WANNE is on the sharing of knowledge and successful experiences between the partner countries, which will result in a transnational report on good practices.

Our refugee response work at PATRIR is directly linked with the expansion of our Syria country programme, as we seek to serve with a multi-dimensional and strategic approach the people of Syria, both those who have fled and those who remain.

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