Addressing Radicalisation, Extremism, Fake News and Hate in Romania

Our Situation Today; The Field of “What’s being done” in Romania;
Improving Policy and Practice; Solutions & Future Directions

Dates (tbc): April 7 & 8
Venue: National – Online

Addressing Radicalisation, Extremism, Fake News and Hate in Romania is the first National Conference of its kind in Romania which will bring together the breadth of leading experts and academics, policy makers, civil society organisations, front line practitioners and national and local government authorities and institutions working to address the phenomena and dynamics of radicalisation, growing extremism, fake news and ‘hate’ in Romania.

The National Conference will take place online and include a range of workshops, seminars, case studies, practitioners’ forums and presentations from experts, national and local government institutions, civil society organisations, and European Commission projects implemented in Romania.

The conference will be jointly organised by local and national institutions active in this field including government bodies and ministries, universities, civil society organizations and law enforcement agencies. Letters of Invitation to co-sponsors and organisers of the conference are now being sent out. Organisations and institutions active in addressing radicalisation, hate speech, extremism and fake news in Romania and which would like to be involved as co-organisers/supporters of the conference are invited to contact [email protected].

What makes this event exceptional and unique?

The National Conference is taking place at a time when hate speech, extremism, radicalisation and fake news are on the rise in Romania – a growing challenge which many actors and institutions are addressing, but to which there is as of yet no clear solution. The Conference will take a ‘whole-of-field’ multi-stakeholder approach bringing together practitioners, experts, policy makers, government institutions, NGOs, universities and law enforcement agencies from across the country. It will also include presentations from all European Commission supported projects which have included local/national level-implementation in Romania in this field. Session will address:

  • the problems in Romania, including dynamics, drivers, enablers and the ‘breadth’ of what is happening;
  • specific ‘sub-fields’, from the rise of the extreme right in the country to hatred against ethnic minorities and particular communities; misogyny, gender and extremism in Romania; the scale and impact of fake news; and much more;
  • solutions. The Conference will have a major focus on solutions – what’s being done, innovative approaches, lessons from projects and initiatives, local and national.

The Conference will be organised to be highly practical, dynamic and engaging – including practitioners forums where practitioners across the country will share their lessons and experiences, and identify key recommendations for policy and practice, and how we can improve our work going forward. There will also be a focus on the constructive programme – rather than only focusing on the ‘challenges’ we are addressing, how can we build a more inclusive, authentically democratic, and ‘healthy’ society in Romania – including healthy social, cultural, educational, media and political space in the country – which can help to transcend some of the conditions and drivers giving rise to extremism and social polarisation.

The Conference, which will be organised online, will make the full use of innovative online tools and technologies to enable active engagement and participation, and to foster a community of learning and practice in the field in Romania.

For more information, to take part, to find out how your organisation, institution, Ministry or university can become a partner or co-organiser of the conference, or to register, please contact [email protected].

Partners & Supporters:
Overview, Information & Invitation

Addressing Radicalisation, Extremism, Fake News and Hate in Romania comes at a pivotal time in Romania. It will be the first and largest event of its kind in the country. It will bring together experts, practitioners, local and national government ministries and agencies, law enforcement, civil society organisations, academics, foundations and more. It will focus on the ‘state of the art’ of knowledge and understanding of the issues in Romania, what is being done to address them, lessons from evidence and experience, and multi-sectoral collaboration to identify directions and recommendations to improve policy and practice. The National Conference will include panel discussions, workshops, briefings and presentations, practitioners’ forums, sharing and learning from projects and case studies – and will be highly interactive, practical, engaging and participatory.

The National Conference is a collaboratively organised event. Leading agencies, institutions, universities and organisations across Romania are coming together to jointly prepare, plan and host the Conference – as partners.

Who can be a partner?

Government Ministries; National and Local Government Authorities, Agencies and Institutions; Law Enforcement Agencies; Universities; Think Tanks; Foundations; NGOs and Civil Society Organisations; Foundations; Student and Youth Organisations. If you are interested in becoming a partner but are not sure if you are eligible, please write to [email protected] with a brief description of your institution and motivation to partner.

What does it mean to be a partner?

There are two types of partners – organising and supporting partners.

Organising Partners

Organising Partners will help to identify and/or organise sessions and events, recommend speakers and can contribute to being actively involved in organising workshops and sessions of the conference (at least one or more based upon their choice).

Supporting Partners

Supporting Partners endorse the vision and purpose of the Conference and will help to promote it through their networks and channels but do not take on active organising roles.

No Financial Costs for Partners

There are no financial costs for partners. The Conference is being organised in the context of the Do One Brave Thing, CHAMPIONS and PARTICIPATION European Commission Supported Projects in Romania.

Additional Information

For any questions or additional information please write to the Conference Secretariat at [email protected].

Partners Template

If you are interested in being an organising or supporting partner for the National Conference on Addressing Radicalisation, Extremism, Fake News and Hate in Romania (April 7 & 8 2021) please complete the Partners’ Form below.

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