Romania provides humanitarian aid to hospitals and people in need in war-affected territories of Ukraine

Cluj-Napoca, 17 February 2023The Cluj-based Romanian Peace Institute – PATRIR has been at the front lines of humanitarian aid to Ukraine and support for Ukrainians in Romania since the very start of the war. The Institute’s Humanitarian Response Program, together with partners across Romania and around the world, has carried out humanitarian missions from Cluj-Napoca delivering more than 1000 tons of humanitarian aid to towns and cities across Ukraine.  Through the end of 2022 and these first months of 2023, with funding from Japan Platform and in partnership with Peace Boat Disaster Relief, PATRIR’s Humanitarian Support Team organized 12 transports to 10 hospitals in various regions of Ukraine.

Responding to requests from our partners, PATRIR supports hospitals in Ukraine as they and their dedicated medical staff provide life-saving support to civilians affected by the war. PATRIR’s Humanitarian Support Team manages every stage of the transports, from securing medical supplies which hospitals and emergency medical teams in Ukraine need, to traveling across Ukraine including to areas at the front lines and under bombardment to deliver medical supplies. 

Kherson has been among the cities supported with humanitarian aid. In missions in 2022 and 2023, PATRIR’s team supplied the Kherson Regional Children’s Hospital with medical equipment and medicines. The situation there is severely impacted by the Russian invasion and destruction from the war. Ramy Maksoud, one of the members of the PATRIR Humanitarian Support Team describes what they’ve seen:

“Nothing is operational. All the stores are closed. The vast majority of the people left to Mykolaiv, Odessa mainly and other safer regions”, Ramy Maksoud says. “I specifically remember when we met with people in Kherson, we were in cold and dark rooms due to the lack of electricity, and heating because of the repeated Russian targeting of the vital infrastructure.  People were uncertain yet determined to help and stand by each other. You could feel they are hurt and in pain, yet they were happy and comforted to see us and just knowing that someone is there for them, and they are not standing alone.”

In addition to the concrete support provided to people in need, the PATRIR Team carries out on the ground situation assessments with partners and communities affected by the war in cities like Chernivtsi, Odessa, Mykolaiv, and Kherson. This analysis helps to inform future missions and ensure we are getting aid where it is needed most, and to the incredible Ukrainian organizations, volunteers, hospitals and medical teams who are the backbone of humanitarian support as the population continues to live with the daily horrors of war one year since Russia’s illegal invasion.

“We will continue to support our partners and allies and do all we can both to address the humanitarian impacts of the war, and to find pathways to ending the war and illegal invasion of Ukraine. The work of the medical workers, paramedics, emergency response teams and civil society responders helping those in need across Ukraine is heroic and needs to be supported” Kai Brand-Jacobsen, the president of Peace Action Training and Research Institute of Romania – PATRIR said. PATRIR’s team has been able to respond to the appeal for support from partners in Ukraine because of the vital aid provided by Japan Platform and our partners right from the beginning of the war Peace Boat Disaster Relief. Our work also goes further – working with the incredible community of Ukrainians who have come to Romania due to the war and working together with amazing partners to support trauma-informed education and work with schools across the country and engage with youth in Ukraine stepping up to support humanitarian aid, strengthen society’s resilience, and bring forward the voice of Ukraine’s youth in this critical time.

PATRIR is one organization amongst many in Romania, Poland, Moldova and elsewhere across Europe and internationally that has been involved in humanitarian support to Ukraine and support for Ukrainians who have had to flee the war. What we see on every single mission into Ukraine though is the courage, steadfastness, dedication and work of people across Ukraine – volunteers, civil society organizations, medical workers, psychologists, trauma workers, youth and more – doing everything they can to support those affected by the war.

“From the very start of the war the response by citizens here in Romania has been incredible. I still remember the very first weekend when thousands of clujeni responded to our call for aid and brought food, clothes, supplies for babies, everything they could, to help people in Ukraine affected by the war. Companies like Endava, Evozon, NTT Data and so many more made contributions and donoations. International partners, from Peace Boat Disaster Relief in Japan to Oxfam, Mercy Corps and others, joined with PATRIR to ensure humanitarian aid reaches those most in need. The Cluj City Hall, Asociatia Ruscovan, the Food Bank in Turda, schools, student associations, and so many more – all have stood together, acted as allies, and done all we can to provide vital humanitarian assistance, and to make sure Ukrainians in Cluj know they are safe and welcome. Now we even have “Ukraine House” in Cluj, with the support of UNHCR, a safe place where the Ukrainian community can come together and receive legal support, language lessons, employment advice, psychological support, and more – and where the Ukrainian community itself leads on helping Ukrainians in Cluj to integrate, be safe, and have all they need.” says Kai Brand-Jacobsen, President of PATRIR. “Now though, as we come close to the 1-year anniversary of the war – it is vital that we recognise that the situation is not over. The war has not ended. Unfortunately – the opposite is true. Everything we see suggests the war will continue and grow worse now through the coming months. For this reason we need to keep up support. That’s why we are appealing to the citizens of Cluj, companies, Cluj City Hall, and all our partners here and around the world – to continue to help with medical and humanitarian support to people living through the largest and worst war in Europe since the Second World War.”

How to Support Humanitarian and Medical Aid to Ukraine:

With vital support and funding from citizens and partners around the world, PATRIR continues to work to ensure that those affected by the invasion and war in Ukraine receive the care they need. Donations can be made to:

Companies, Schools, Governments, Humanitarian Organizations, Civil Society Organisations, Religious Institutions and others who wish to partner or donate to support humanitarian aid to Ukraine can also reach us at [email protected] to discuss partnership and support opportunities.