International Peace Training Program for Professionals working with youth

We are looking for young professionals working with youth, based in Romania, who want to develop better professional understanding and skills to meet the needs of the youth in Europe in the time of war, conflicts, and crises.
They will take part in the international NewGen training program that starts in June 2024 and lasts until the spring 2025, consisting of three international off-line trainings, between which there will be a series of international webinars on peace, a mentoring process, and initiatives where the participants will be able to work on their own, peace-related professional development projects in a facilitated manner.
Participants will also contribute to an online publication that will document the professional development processes and peace initiatives that have been implemented during the project.

The dates and the locations for the off-line trainings are:

1) 17-19.6.2024 – Cluj-Napoca, Romania

2) 7-9.10.2024 – Poland

3) 10-13.3.2025 (TBC) – Berlin, Germany

*2 days of travel (arrival and departure) should be considered for the above dates.

*Online meetings or peer-group mentoring sessions will be held once in 1-2 months.

*Working language is English.

Overall objectives of the training, in short:

  • To equip participants to respond to the social tensions, bias and discrimination triggered everywhere by war.
  • To return the focus and trust on the importance of non-violent social response to militant actions and agency to activism building positive peace in society.
  • To foster dialogue between youth as well as professionals working with youth.
  • To train participants with skills on conflict analysis, dialogue, participation and basic filmmaking/storytelling.

The call for participants is open until 30 April 2024 and you can register here:

For questions and more details, you can contact:
[email protected]

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