Technical assistance for development and civic education in Egypt (4E)

The project works towards consolidating the capacity of the Egyptian organizations, initiatives and practitioners linked to development education and youth work in assessing, planning, implementing and evaluating their educational efforts. Through strengthening key knowledge and skills in development education and youth work programming, and expanding the target group’s toolboxes with elements related to active citizenship, leadership, social entrepreneurship and related topics, the project’s final aim is to contribute to the development of sustainable impact projects in the field of development education for youth in Egypt.

The project will:

  1. Assess the needs and achievements of the fields of development education and youth work in Egypt
  2. Create a set of recommendations targeting the impact creation capacity of existing and planned projects of the thematic and activity area
  3. Implement an evidence-based capacity building process for the project target group.

Target group

In order to produce sustainable results, the project has as target group those Egyptian alliances, organizations and professionals that are active in the various areas of development education and youth work, and that wish to enhance their impact in designing and implementing community-based educational programs. Creating a core group of knowledgeable and skilled educators opens up the possibility of multiplying knowledge among a wider target group, linked to youth education in active citizenship, leadership, social entrepreneurship and development education.


  1. To generate demand-driven and evidence-based development education and youth work strategies and programs on the level of the organizations involved in the project and their partners
  2. To increase the cumulative impact generation capacity of the target group through a better knowledge of past and existing actors and initiatives, understanding of the needs, challenges, achievements, impact and lessons learned in Egypt
  3. To improve the integrated nature of youth work in Egypt through increased awareness, knowledge and skills on topics related to development education curricula
  4. To facilitate exchange of best practices and lessons learned in development education and youth work between Egypt and Romania
  5. To link the representatives of the target group with their direct beneficiaries so to create trust and credibility of programs, and reach the widest segment of the population as possible.


  1. Cumulative and Impact Needs Assessment (CINA) & Reporting: examines the needs of the development education and youth work actors in Egypt, their challenges and achievements, the lessons they have learned in their work, and the related best practice models of the country.
  2. Series of customized workshops/ training programs designed for development educators, youth workers, and their organizations on the topics of active citizenship, leadership, social entrepreneurship, negotiation, and development education. 3.Study visit to Romanian development education and youth organizations for experience sharing and networking purposes.


The project foresees the following immediate and long-term results:
  • Heightened awareness and understanding of Egypt’s development education and youth work related needs, achievements, challenges and lessons learned
  • Higher level of participation of stakeholders in the education curriculum development processes
  • Greater promotion and importance attributed within the youth work curricula to development education topics
  • Strengthened community ownership of development education and youth work program and curriculum development, through promoting existing local competencies and expertize.


The project is implemented with the financial assistance of the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs from its official development assistance budget, in partnership with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) – Regional Center for Europe and the CIS.

If you want to know more, please write an email to: [email protected].