E-campus learning environment

MVH project developed for its beneficiaries, local and public servants a personalized learning environment as a pool of excellent, and up-to-date resources under the enhancement of transnational exchange of best practices via a Moodle platform.

The platform helps exchange relevant resources among the project participants and registered users. Everyone is able to access the material on Moodle via the guest account. Attached under, you will find a short tutorial that should explain the details of how to login.

The following resources are accessible ther

1- National Reports and Transnational Report The national report examines as far as third-country nationals’ (TCN) political and civic participation is considered in one country. Methodologically, a combination of desk and field research has taken place in order to better assess the existing needs, opportunities, and obstacles in TCN political participation and the creation of migrant councils/forums.

2- Best Practice Examples of Migrants’ Consultative Mechanisms

3- Literature (articles, toolkits, action plans…) A collection of useful research material and literature regarding the political participation of migrants.

This is the platform website:  https://ecampus.suedwind.at/login/index.php

Here is how to log in:

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