Intersectional Discrimination in European Labour Markets in the Voices of TCN Women

Authors: Ana Luisa Martinho, Alis Costescu, Anastasia Liopetriti, Antrea Kosta, Apostolos Amprazis, Dana Maini, Egle Zabulaite, George Stefas, Helena Salazar, Joana Fernandes, Joana Querido, Magda Bakali, Manolis Chrysostalis, Marylyn Marthins, Meri Saaristo, Sara Quartararo, Susana Bernardino and Tiago Fernandes
Publisher: Consortium of ENFEM project

Under the ENFEM project, the consortium participated at the 6th International Conference on Gender Research that was held at Ulster University, NI, UK on the 21st & 22nd April 2023, to submit a paper entitled as “Intersectional Discrimination in European Labour Markets in the Voices of TCN Women“, which has the results of the first part of the project, concerning the perceptions of International Women on their challenges and strategies for integration in the host country. The findings concern nine European Union countries:  Cyprus,  France, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, and Spain.

Despite migration being a universal and secular phenomenon, recent studies and latest statistics show that unemployment among third-country nationals aged between 15 and 64 years old is generally higher than the rate among the overall population (76% among newcomers). Within this context, the current study aims to f ind out common patternsconcerning the barriers that Third Country National (TCN) Women face in the host labour market and facilitating factors they used to cross them. The current research is supported b y a qualitative methodology, based on 74 interviews to women from nine European countries and the analysis of 11 success stories.

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