The project ENFEM aims at providing opportunities for the creation and/ or development of local multi-stakeholder networks, in the 10 partner countries, composed of local authorities, market actors, NGOs, TNCs based, and women led organizations, where its overall vision will derive and be guided by the EU Action plan on integration and inclusion 2021-2027. 

Such network, through a bottom-up approach will develop local strategies to facilitate women TCNs early socioeconomic integration through employability and entrepreneurship and empower their members through knowledge transfer and good practices exchange in addressing integration challenges for Women TCNs, in alignment with the needs of the local societies and its citizens, context and administrative structures of the communities.  

More specifically, the project will provide training opportunities to migrant women in the fields of language learning, working rights and entrepreneurship skills, while at the same time it will engage in awareness raising among local actors and citizens about the substantial benefits and positive impact of removing existing barriers to the inclusion of migrant women in the labour market. 

These trainings will be implemented in in-class sessions and will also be available in an online interactive training platform, in all partner countries. The project will bring together Women TCNs living in Europe, as well as newcomers, with local stakeholders and professionals, for them to develop mutual understanding and cooperation. At the same time, it will bring together stakeholders from the private and the public sector and enable their active participation and contribution to migrant women’s employability and entrepreneurship. 

Local integration strategies for Women TCNs will be developed by local authorities in urban or suburban areas, as well as small towns and rural areas. This multi-stakeholder cooperation will promote mutual understanding and respect, facilitate awareness raising and encourage the exchange of knowledge, skills and experiences, building on the directives and practices suggested by the Urban Agenda Partnership.

For detailed information, please visit our dedicated website: https://enfem.infoproject.eu/