YOUth grow EQUAL is a project aimed at respecting, protecting and promoting equal rights for women and girls by making use of both formal and nonformal education while empowering teachers and youth to fight against gender inequality, gender discrimination, stereotyping and raising awareness about domestic violence as a prevalent form of gender inequality.

The project reached primary and secondary school teachers and their pupils, as well as youth aged 16 – 26.


1.Raising awareness about the importance of educating pupils and promoting gender equality from early education through 1 on-site workshop for primary and secondary school teachers; entitled Elevii mei si egalitatea de gen

2.Creating a youth task-force for gender equality through 1 on-site and 1 online workshops; entitled YOUth for equal YOUth

3.Breaking gender discrimination and stereotyping while building pupils’ understanding and instilling gender equality and human rights values through workshops with pupils at school;

4.Empowering and strengthening youth active participation for gender equality causes, acting against domestic violence and human rights issues through 1 youth peer-to-peer workshop; entitled Prejudecăți și percepții. Care este “scuza” ta?


• Online & face-to-face workshops for teachers: 7

• Face-to-face workshops for youth: 18

• Workshops for pupils: 267

• Workshop by youth for peer youth: 23

• Overall, the project has reached a number of 315 participants.

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