New Gen – A New Generation wakes up to War: reducing militarization, tensions and prejudices.


the project sets to help a new generation of youth to respond to the social tensions, bias and discrimination triggered everywhere by war.


•Return the focus and trust on the importance and possibilities of non-violent social response to militant actions and agency of activism building positive peace in society.

•To provide participants with skills on conflict analysis, dialogue, participation and basic filmmaking. By providing tools and skills, we will facilitate the process of participation and peacebuilding. The learning process component contribute directly to that.​


•Creation of 2 groups of young activists and youth workers from Romania, Poland and Finland .​

•Planning and facilitate a transformative intergenerational and intersectional peer learning process of 10 months for each of the two groups.

•3  major international trainings in: Warsaw, Helsinki and Cluj-Napoca

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