SolRem – Solidarity and Resistance against Authoritarianism on Europe


The project raises awareness of the history of resistance and solidarity against right-wing authoritarianism in five target countries: Finland, Italy, Portugal, Romania and Spain. It starts a communitarian reflection on past resistance and agency in places where they have been silenced pocketed as something else, or ignored. SolRem sheds light on the permeation of concepts, narratives and images associated with right-wing “travel” across decades. It shows the impact of the politics-collective memory dependency. The project is a necessary step in combating anti-semitism and protecting democratic values.



⚬ The research aims to map and understand the status of memory related to the far-right, analyzing both narratives and practices.


⚬Encourage conversation within communities about relevant histories such as resistance movements, feminism, colonial legacies, etc., through storytelling and ethnography.

•Memory Forums:

⚬Meetings to analyze and engage with the memory of right-wing authoritarianism in terms of policy and practice.

•Training Sessions:

⚬For teachers in schools to address the relevance of collective memory narratives.


⚬Designed as a public campaign to raise awareness about the importance of historical awareness.

•Memory Talks Podcast:

⚬A podcast discussing memory and history to address political, cultural, and historical narratives relevant to today’s issues, encouraging dialogue and reflection on the past.

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